Nikah - Muslim Marriage rituals

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Published: 20th July 2012
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Muslim marriage are termed as Nikah in urdu, which is considered as one of the most awaited and important occasion of individuals life. In Islam Nikah is important ceremony to be celebrated with the family members & friends.

Marriages in Muslims are kept with magnificence. In Urdu, marriage is pronounced as Nikah, which is the desired term to be used for Muslim Marriage. The reason behind pronouncing it as Nikah is that, wedding ceremony can occur at any suitable time as per the family & couples convenience, which is not possible in Hindus Marriage.

Wedding ceremony can perform to any of the dwelling place of new couples. Bride & Groom family can mutually agree on selection of venue for the occasion. Traditionally performing rituals & trends of wedding was done at the brides or grooms home place, but however today there are numerous options of venue to celebrate the fun. People can book a marriage banquet halls, garden, restro, club house for marriages on rent. Thus due to availability, of big space guest can easily accumulate & can enjoy the marriage ceremony. Inspite of choosing any suitable venue rituals & traditions in Muslim Sunni marriages are strictly taken care.

Quraan which is considered as holy for Muslims, have referred certain definitions for marriages within limited communities. The very first one is Nikah, which is correspondent to matrimony within the well-known democratic c westerly culture. Judiciary bond is signed while getting into such type of marriages, whereas there is considered as mutually agreed contract with out the hassle or interference of any. It is considered as impermanent marriage bond between the couples. Women’s have no limitations to follow the traditional formalities of actual Nikah. She enjoys exemptions from the trends & rituals on marriage with shia community marriage.

Like other religion marriage, Marriages in Muslim are also divided with common pre- post-wedding rituals & trends. All the functions related to theme are hosted & organized, whereas family members along with friends enjoy the same with great enthu. Let’s find in details about Muslim wedding ceremonies sequences.

Pre-wedding formalities

The term itself denotes about the rituals happening before the actual marriage day. The formalities or functions which takes place are been categories as pre – wedding rituals. Under this, members gather to any of the dwelling place of bride & groom. A traditional barter system of exchanging sweets, chocolates, different fruits happens at 8the time of meeting. It is believed in Muslims that, conducting such meetings surely helps in friendliness with in the family members & loving birds. It also create some excitement for the wedding day, to come fast. Now a day’s moto behind such gathering is to basically involve the bride & groom so that they can easily understand each others likes & dislikes.

Wedding day customs

This is the most waited moment of every individual especially for
bride & groom. On this particular day Kazi (Muslim Priest) becomes the main witness for the wedding formalities between the love birds. They all gathered either in Mosque or bride – groom home, to take the approval of the groom & bride if they OK to marry with each other. Once this question arises, the groom & bride says “Kubul hai”, and by admitting this, they tie their wedding knot & become life partner resulting into Nikah between the couples.

Post-Wedding Rituals

Once Nikah is done all the basic formalities, customs are done by both the families. But hold on, this not just the end! Indian marriages are not the play for a single day, there are ongoing functions with lots of trends & customs to be followed. The main part of post wedding rituals includes the wedding reception of the newly married bride & groom.

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