Marriages in India

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Published: 25th January 2011
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Marriage is marked as a very special occasion in every personís life. Marriage practices are diverse across cultures and are followed by various rituals and traditions especially in India. Indian marriage rituals also vary according to the community, caste of the bride and groom. For e.g.: We can notice an obvious difference between Hindu & Muslim marriages due to the difference in religion. What is so special about Indian Marriage? This article answers all the questions surrounding Indian Marriage .

Marriages in India were arranged without the consent of the bride and groom. A lot of preference was given to caste & religion while selecting a bride and groom in India. However this trend is going through a complete makeover with the advent of technology and Internet in the coming years in India. A number of matrimonial sites offer free matrimonial services, which helps people in finding the dream mate.

Marriages in India are considered to be a scared and a joyful ceremony, which marks a new beginning in the bride & grooms life after they are bonded in Holy Matrimony. Marriage is a special occasion on which people evoke the wisdom & rituals inherited from their forefathers. Indian Marriage rituals depend a lot on cultural and religious beliefs of the bride and groom. The marriage rituals keep varying from on social community to other the essential belief remain same in all the Indian marriages.

The Indian marriage rituals are classified into three basic types namely pre wedding, wedding day & post wedding rituals. Engagement ceremony is one of the pre-wedding rituals that are performed before marriage; this ceremony usually marks as the beginning of the new journey and is often symbolized by the exchange of rings between the bride and groom. This ceremony is often followed by music & dance called as the ďSangeet", it is a ceremony which is filled with fun and joy and is a great chance for both of families to get together to share their happiness with others.

Finally the most awaited day i.e. the wedding day arrives on which a number of rituals and family traditions are performed. During the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom have to perform various wedding rituals, which are performed in the presence of ďAgni" also called as fire along with the recital of holy shlokas and mantras. Every ritual has to be performed with perfection right from welcoming the groomís family, relatives and friends, which receive the finest hospitality at the brides place.

After the wedding is concluded various wedding games are played which are also considered an important aspect of the post wedding ceremonies. These games revolve around the bride and groom and are considered an aspect of merriment, which is enjoyed by the both families. Last but not the least the most important marriage ritual is the transition of the bride from her parentís home to join the groomís family. Indian wedding traditions are considered as holy affairs and couples happily follow them with great value.

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